Top 10 Best Mesothelioma Lawyers in the World


Many individuals don’t know about mesothelioma. It is an uncommon kind of disease that happens in the Mesothelium, a thin layer of cells coating the inward body organs. Up until now, three sorts of have developed: Pleural, Periotoneal and Pericardial Pleural being the most widely recognized representing around 70% of all cases. A great many people are at danger of creating mesothelioma at the work put or at home as it is principally caused by asbestos and the inward breath of the asbestos particles. This consequently offers ascend to the need of a lawful cover over the threats related with mesothelioma dangers. Mesothelioma legal advisors are a need nowadays.

10. Weitz & Luxenberg P.C
Weitz & Luxenberg who won a record $22 million from a Good year tire Production Company and Good year Canada and is one of the best. They are experienced as it can be seen in their landmark cases.

9. Belluk & Fox, LLP
Are based in New York being the best at what they do. They have achieved nationwide recognition for representing and helping families. Joseph W. Belluck has been recognized as one of the best lawyers in America being in partnership with Jordan Fox who has also been listed as a super lawyer.

8. Buck Law firm
Situated in Atlanta, Georgia they advocate for victims with significant illness and injuries. They have an experienced number of lawyers who specialize purely on Mesothelomia cases and have dealt with more cases than any other firm in the region as the state they are situated has many cases.

7. Sokolove Law

They state, “We are advocates for our clients and are here to serve you first. Our staff of experienced mesothelioma lawyers and paralegals is here to answer any questions you might have about filing a mesothelioma lawsuit. Don’t wait – request a free consultation by filling out the form on this page. Y

6. Lane & lane LLC
Based in Chicago they are one of the best Mesothelomia attorneys in the US. The firm has branches in Europe, South America and Asia and their main expertise is not only Mesothelomia but specialize mainly on personal injuries. They offer free consultation services. One thing you should always remember is a good communication with lawyers should be maintained and they should be updated with every development to avoid any surprises in the cases.

5. Michael B. Serling P.C
Is very popular as very active lawyer and has represented many asbestos cancer victims and their families. Can be found at or contacted on telephone: 800-995-6991-248-647-6966. He has a reputable record in suing large corporations and wining many cases.

4. Heard Robins Cloud & Black LLP
Are one of the most sought after in Houston in regard to Mesothelioma law. Houston laws are basically very much similar to Washington laws. They specialize on personal injury and insist on guidance before action. These lawyers are so good in the sense that they will only charge you in the event that you win.

3. Goldberg, Persky White P.C
Have represented many cases and are very experienced. They have a whole range of dedicated mesothelomia lawyers who are professionals and are located in a variety of states. Have offices at Greensburg, Johnstown, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Saginaw and Allen Park, Michigan; and Weirton, West Virginia

2. Cooney and Conway
Are based in Illinois and have been representing Mesothelioma victims for more than 52 years gaining great experience. Was founded in 1958 and have represented very many complicated cases and aim at full compensation for their clients. Their aim is the support of the community that surrounds them.

1. Bergman Draper Ladenberg
Have existed since 1995 and only deal with Mesothelioma cases based in Washington. This law firm offers protection to families that are experiencing asbestos related diseases. They have settled many cases with huge successes and their record speaks for itself as they also represent the most veterans in asbestos litigation in their area.