Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Fashion Brands Of 2017


Along with being a form of expression, fashion has always been a way for people to showcase their status. Much like the size of your house or the price tag on your car, the designer that you are wearing says much more about you than just where you shop. It also says a lot about your level of income, your style and taste levels, whether you prefer funky cool, or sleek sophistication.
Here is the list of the top fashion brands in the world that will definitely add specialty to the appearance.


Brand Value: $ 3.1 Billion

Armani, The Name says it all while the Power suit clad of the Hollywood & the High Profile Clientele gives you proof. Impeccable tailoring, Glamour & Power Dressing is what Armani excels in. The Brand exploded into scenes, when Hollywood Star Richard Gere wore the Armani tailored power suit with padded shoulders in the 1980’s American Gigolo. Men and Women suit with a balance of luxury and a perfect tailoring muted colors, luxurious Fabric renders Armani, the most sought after brand whereas Armani’s haute-couture is an unrivaled elegance. Armani Prive, Emporio Armani, Armani Exchange, Armani Collezioni are brand labels of this most expensive clothing brand. Its kingdom has expanded into Perfumes, Leather bags, glasses and even mainstream bars and hotels. If you are lucky enough to afford a suit from Armani clothing line, Suit Up with Armani suits at least once in your life.


Brand Value: $ 3.5 Billion

When it comes to Fashion, ‘the Italian Show’ has always been a Block Buster. The ‘Fendi’, is another extravagance. It is the reason why it made the list of best luxury clothing brands. Began by Fendi Couple Eduardo & Adele in 1925, The Brand still creates the world’s most sought after and coveted Bags and Accessories. The Fendi gained the Cult Status, however in 1997, when they introduced a series of Handbags, which included the Fendi ‘Baguette’. Fendi is the only fashion house that owns its own fur atelier. Their capability of adopting the innovative techniques has opened the new ways to make fur lighter and modern. You are right. They are the pioneers of fur fashion! They developed different and creative ways to use fur that made the fur attires softer, modern and much more wearable. Every Woman has loved and still loves to have a Fendi, making the Brand an iconic Player. This most popular clothing brand is currently owned and operated by LVMH.


Brand Value: $ 5.5 Billion (As of 2013)

Revenue : $ 1 Billion

Italian Fashion House established in 1978 by Gianni Versace branded by signature Medusa Motif is one among the world’s profitable lifestyle brand and a household name. The label’s aesthetic has been consistent with glamour, intricate embellishments, vivid prints, cocktail dresses and iconic gowns making exclusivity to their lot. Sexy, bit theatrical, glamour and impression defines Versace, and these features made this brand break into the top 10 best and most expensive clothing brands list. Elizabeth Hurley’s Black Gianni Versace gown held together with over sized, gold safety pins and Jennifer Lopez’s sensational green silk chiffon Versace see through dress are some of the iconic creations of the house. Atelier Versace Spring collections are worth mentioning.


Brand Value: $5.87 Billion

Revenue : $4 Billion

The Trench Coat! Has turned out to be a game Changer, for the British Luxury Fashion House, Burberry. The 1961’s Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) style Burberry’s Wool Trench Coat is an iconic fashion sensation piece to date. What more is, Burberry’s never ending infusion of unique styles has made it receive a royal warrant for clothing from the “royal Majesty Elizabeth II (England) and Prince Charles (Wales). From this time, Burberry has become famous for innovation. Aggressive retail expansion in the 70’s & 80’s has spun Burberry into a household name with shops in every major US states. Burberry Prorsum, Burberry London, Burberry Brit are well-known fashion lines of the Brand and can’t be missed. Furthermore, the house launched Burberry BeSpoke, a customization program where clients can design and create their own Trench Coat line. This high end clothing brand is set to launch its exclusive skin care range in the near future as well.


Brand Value: $ 6.6 Billion

Revenue : $ 7.1 Billion

In our list of best expensive clothing brands, this one stands out from the rest. The reason is, It isn’t so much about the brand, but it’s about the man Ralph Lauren. When it comes to sporty & luxury classic dress up in America, Ralph Lauren is the one that Peaks and has been consistent, comprehensive and expressive. The Brand idea is to dress for the life you wanted & who you wanted to be. Synonymous with Luxury, the Brand has evolved with time & grace and still reminds the classic American styling. It’s fitting that Ralph Lauren was hired to dress up for ‘The Great Gatsby’ movie. Tags like Club Monaco, American Living, Polo, Purple Label, Lauren & Lauren Jeans,Co are few of Ralph Lauren’s branch outs.


Brand Value: $ 6.8 Billion

The Brand proves it right. Gabriele Coco Chanel made her take on Fashion, to stand a Class Apart. Her Personality formed the foundation for the brand. ‘Chanel No.5’ and ‘little Black dress’ are exquisite icons of Chanel, which are still a sensation. The Legendary Classic Chanel Suit is a symbol of elegance and fashion embrace. Coco made women look comfortable with what they wear while looking dignified. It’s not just a Chanel, but Coco Chanel herself. The legacy of Chanel lies in keeping Coco’s Spirit of Fashion alive. Chanel is Elegance, sophistication and irreplaceable fashion icon. Being portrayed as one of the most expensive clothing brands, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when it comes with a hefty price tag of more than $1000 just for the casual outfits.


Brand Value : $ 7.3 Billion

Revenue : $ 3.7 Billion

The prestigious best clothing brand Prada, began as an Italian Leather bag manufacturers in 1913 by Mario Prada. This name is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable names in the world of Fashion. Prada handbags and purses make every girl wish to own them. The Brand has improved their Designs, Styles, colors, Elegance, just making them Adorable entity for every girl. Their designs are exquisite, and the careful use of Pleats, Sequins, and Buckles & Beads gives them a royal touch.

Prada’s branch lines include Miu, Granello, Prada Uomo, and Prada Donna. The Prada is all about Richness of Material, color and Luxury. With avoiding complications, Simple Cuts, design and creativity¸ its products always outstand the fashion entity. You may wonder as to how Prada has been continuing to reserve its position in the top 10 best clothing brands list every year. Here is the little secret. It never follows any pattern or style. Instead, it always invents something new and something sophisticated.


Brand Value: $ 10.6 Billion

Revenue : $ 5.3 Billion

The legendary French Fashion Luxury Goods house was established in 1837 by Thierry Hermes. With 176 years of history and experience, today this fashion brand serves as a fine wine. Iconic Hermes collection includes the famous “Kelly Bag” and Hermes first “Silk Scarves”. In order to ensure that every product is fabricated rightly, they reject the mass production, and every item is handled exclusively by one artisan from the beginning to the end. Hermes has expanded into Belts, Men & Women Sports Wear, riding gloves and into complete home line like Bed & Bath Linens, Furniture’s, Silver wares and accessories.


Brand Value: $ 12.4 Billion

Revenue : $ 4.5 Billion

We can be sure; Gucci never misses a red carpet or exclusive events. Started in 1921 by Guccio Gucci as a Leather Goods Company, the Brand still roots for Top Fashion and Trends. But at the time when he started this company, he had never dreamt of hitting the heights where it is rocking now. In 1940, his eldest son Aldo Gucci took the responsibility of transforming his small shop into an iconic worldwide brand. He introduced the brand’s first iconic bag, the “Bamboo Bag” and most popular “ready to wear segments”. American Designer Tom Ford came Onboard in 90’s and changed the face of the Gucci and brazened again into one of those most dreamed brands today. The Gucci brand involves not just their fashion house, but a collection of designers in high fashion luxury retails. Gucci, Bottega Veneta, and Yves Saint Laurent, as well as Sergio Rossi, Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen, are part of Gucci Group! Gucci is Trendsetter, Sophistication and a high fashion allure. In order to get even a casual outfit from this clothing brand, one have to spend the minimum of $2,000.


Brand Value: $ 28.1 Billion

Revenue: $ 10.1 Billion

The legendary brand that wins the title of The Most Expensive Clothing Brand is none other than LOUIS VUITTON. You could have heard its popularity with the leather works. Apart from that, it carries a prolong history of producing various lifestyle products like trench coat, ready-to-wear dresses ,shoes, accessories, watches, sunglasses, jewellery, books and the many. It also has a huge clothing line operating under the name of its creative director, MARC JACOBS. They keep on adding the varieties to their clothing line by changing their costume ranges fresh for every season. This most valuable luxury brand has got the celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Michael Phelps, Sarah Jessica Parker and many more famous personalities as their private clients. The craftsmanship over their leather and canvas is brilliance in its own. We all love to be Louis Vuitton’ed. Their Iconic bags and their travel accessories make the brand an inseparable fashion entity. As long as the fashion Industry is concerned no other brand enjoys the perk of capturing the entire market as LV do.