10 Most Expensive Stocks in The World


“Money is the wise man’s religion.” – Euripides. Stocks and shares have been one of the most opted investments in spite of the vulnerability of the changes in the market. After all, these are one of the ways to increase one’s wealth. The most expensive single share is $215,500. Investors use many metrics to determine the real value of a company’s stock. One common evaluation is a stock’s share price and how that has performed over time.
In this article, we look at 10 stocks that are currently the most expensive in the world.

10 Chipotle Mexican Grill

This trades if stock in NY Stock Exchange. Chipotle Mexican Grill is more than a 1400 restaurants chain in the UK, US, France, Canada, and Germany. Their most prominent characteristic is that they utilize organic items in preparation of food and their statement of mission is labeled ‘Food with integrity’. This corporation was established in 1993 via Steve Ells and at present provides work for approximately 45,000 citizens. This company is at 10th place at the top 10 most expensive stocks of the world list.

09 Intuitive Surgical

Stock trades of Intuitive Surgical in NASDAQ. It is a company of America that manufactures surgical systems of robotic. In 1995 Frederic Moll created the company. In 2000 it gathered $45 million as of their first Public Offering. The share price of Intuitive Surgical has increased gradually in the previous months. This company is at 9th place at the top 10 most expensive stocks of the world list.

08 Amazon

Amazon.com is biggest e-commerce American company that is resided in WA, Seattle. It trades a variety of products comprising video games, electronics, apparel, software, toys, food, jewelry, and furniture. The corporation also creates consumer electronics products similar to the well-known Fire tablets and Kindle e-book. Amazon is, in addition, the most important player in services of cloud infrastructure market. The corporation was started in 1994 by means of Jeff Bezos. The stock price of Amazon in NASDAQ went up stridently in previous months, mounting net worth of Bezos to approx $59 billion, setting him 4th on billionaires ranking of Forbes. This company is at 8th place at the top 10 most expensive stocks of the world list.

07 Alphabet Inc

Latest Google name is Alphabet Inc. subsequent to it modernized in 2015 August. In NASDAQ the Class C trade of shares of the company. Google was established by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998. Initiated as a search engine, nowadays Google has branched into health care, computer software, venture capital, biotechnology and telecommunications equipment fields. The corporation produced $71.80 billion revenue in 2015. Alphabet Inc.’s CEO is Larry Page, whereas Sundar Pichai, an India-born is Google CEO. This company is at 7th place at the top 10 most expensive stocks of the world list.

06 Autozone

The stock of Autozone trades in NYSE and the corporation is a primary vendor of after-market automobile accessories and parts. In Memphis, its main offices are situated and the corporation was started in 1979. At the moment, Autozone has retail shops over 5200. The business was identified with Auto Shack name in its starting avatar because it was in addition grocer. Other than it parted from grocery dealing and modified the name as Autozone. This company is at 6th place at the top 10 most expensive stocks of the world list.

05 Markel Corporation

In 1930 Markel Corporation was found in Virginia via Samuel Markel. It is a company of financial holding. The corporation has a fascinating starting point. A fresh law consented in 1920 that all taxis and buses ought to be covered by insurance. Markel was not capable to locate an insurance corporation for it; as a result, he established an insurance company called ‘Mutual Casualty Association’. Afterward, the name of the company was altered as Markel Corporation plus headquarters was in Virginia’s Henrico County. This company is at 5th place at the top 10 most expensive stocks of the world list.

04 Priceline Group Inc

Priceline.com assists clients to get a reduction for hotel rooms and air tickets. The corporation was established via Jay S. Walker in 1997. Its headquarters are in Norwalk. Company of Hong Kong named ‘Cheung Kong Holdings’ possesses a greater part stake in the stock of Priceline. Paul J. Hennessy is the current CEO of the company. This company is at 4th place at the top 10 most expensive stocks of the world list.

03 NVR Inc

This corporation was established in 1940 by Ryan Homes. In 1980 it modified the name to NVR Inc… the Main business of NVR Inc. is mortgage and home building. They sell and build homes and buildings in brand names of Rymarc, Ryan Homes, Heartland Homes and NV Homes. The corporation has created over 365,000 houses up until now in the US. Paul C. Saville is present CEO of NVR Inc. This company is at 3rd place at the top 10 most expensive stocks of the world list.

02 Seaboard Corporation

In 2013 net sales of Seaboard Corporation was $6.67 billion and it is a Fortune giant. The main business of this company is making and processing of pork in addition to sea transportation. Globally, Seaboard is moreover mixed up in sugar production, electrical generation of power, commodity merchandising and grain processing. The corporation possesses 30 container ships. Seaboard Corp. occupies approximately 23,000 public and in Kansas, Merriam it is headquartered. This company is at 2nd place at the top 10 most expensive stocks of the world list.

01 Berkshire Hathaway Inc

Definitely, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is the most expensive stock of the world and on 1st place in this list. Its shares of class A traded on $190,499 apiece share on NYSE a little time back. It is a global corporation that completely possesses FlightSafety International, NetJets, Fruit of Loom, Helzberg Diamonds, Dairy Queen, GEICO, Lubrizol, and BNSF. The corporation has major holdings of the minority in brands of the blue chip, for instance, IBM, Coca-Cola, American Express and Wells Fargo. CEO of Berkshire Hathaway is Warren Buffett, who is identified as ‘Oracle of Omaha’.