Top 10 Most Expensive High Heels In The World 2017


“I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot” as Marilyn Monroe said.
And really million girls in entire world dream about a luxury pair of heels.
Nothing can make women as a high healed red Christian louboutins or a pair of limited edition Nike or Adidas boots signed by baseball players. So many designers
are working to create stylish and luxurious shoes but some of them break the ice and made some expensive shoes.

These are the most expensive shoes ever made:

10. Stuart Weitzman “Diamond Dream” Stiletto – $500,000

One of the excellent American designers Stuart A. Weitzman produced ‘Diamond Dream’ stilettos,
has won million hearts all over the world.This shoes is specifically made by hands the very talented designer designed this
amazing sandal styled stilettos.

9. “RUBY SLIPPERS” from The ‘Wizard Of Oz’ – $612,000

These slippers are viewed as an inspiration owing to the style and eye-catching color adopted.
The shoes were made from fie chiffon and red stain and were embedded with red sequins. These slippers were the inspiration for a highly renowned and expensive pair of shoes on the our list.

8. Retro Rose Pumps by Stuart Weitzman’s – $1 Million

Retro rose pumps designed switch diamond by one of the most famous designer Stuart Weitzman in 1940 with signature of T-strap.
It is world costly shoes because 1800 kwiat diamond of 100 carats used in this.
Famous Hollywood star Diablo cody selected this shoes to the set red carpet in sizzle at the Oscar 2008.

7. Marilyn Monroe Shoes by Stuart Weitzman’s – $1 Million

Inspired by Hollywood stars and fashion icons, Weitzman resorted to Marilyn Monroe’s queenly Swarovski crystals earrings, and used to it as a main tool in his design.
A cluster of Swarovski crystals are adorned at the center of the shoe, surrounded by a chocolate-color satin rose, giving it a sense of glamour and style.
Regina King, nominated for her role in “Ray,” made an appearance at the 2005 Oscars, wearing the peerless pair of shoes.

6. Platinum Guild Stiletto by Stuart Weitzman -$1,09 million

Platinum Guild Stilettos most expensive shoes designed by Stuart Weitzman, made from platinum fabric with 464 Kwait diamonds.
The shoes were flaunted by Laura Harring of “Mulholland Drive” at the 2002 Academy Awards.

5. Stuart Weitzman “Ruby Slippers” – $1,6 million

The red satin heels boast 643 Burma rubies set in platinum, weighing a total of 123 carats.It is one of the only three pair of shoes used in cult movie Wizard of Oz
in feet of one of the hottest Hollywood actresses Judy Garland.

4. Stuart Weitzman “Cinderella Slippers” – $2 million

These fantasy themed stiletto heels are covered in 565 platinum set diamonds. On the right shoe, a rare 5-carat amaretto diamond worth over one million dollars interrupts the sparkling diamonds.
Country singer, Alison Krauss, was lucky enough to wear the Cinderella slippers to the 2004 Oscars.

3. Tanzanite Heels by Stuart Weitzman – $2 million

This pair was a collaboration between Stuart Weitzman and the high-end jeweller Eddie Le Vian.
The ankle strap is encrusted with 185-carats of beautiful purple-blue tanzanite gemstones found in Africa are encrusted on the ankle strap. However,
Weitzman and LeVian studs 28-carats of diamonds on the toe strap.

2.Stuart Weitzman “Rita Hayworth” Heels – $3 million

This pair took its inspiration from the late Hollywood actress Rita Hayworth’s favourite pair of earrings. The heels were made of rust-coloured satin and topped with a nest of rubies, sapphires and diamonds placed in a satin ruffle. Worn once by Kathleen York at the Oscars,
the shoes now belong to Princess Yasmin Aga Khan who is the daughter of Rita Hayworth.

1. Harry Winston ruby slippers – $3,01 million

Like Stuart Weitzman, Ronald Winston also took his inspiration from The Wizard of Oz. The son of American jeweller Harry Winston, Ronald Winston designed this pair for the 50th anniversary of the film, outshining the original pair with 1,350 carats of rubies and 50 carats of diamonds.