The World’s Most Expensive Manicure


Living an ultra-luxurious lifestyle allows you to experience the best of everything, from fast
cars to summer beach houses to once-in-a-lifetime experiences. And good manicure it is a symbol of wealth and prestige.
And It can help every woman whether you are rich or poor feel like a goddess.

Here are ten representatives of a luxury niche of nail polishes.

Diamond, Sapphire, and Ruby Encapsulation – $35,000

In 2005 celebrities, socialites and royalty were flocking to London’s Urban Retreat at Harrods to
have Leighton Denny’s Diamond, Sapphire, and Ruby Encapsulation.
At one point the manicure was so popular he had 175 people on his waitlist and Arab princesses
would fly out to London specifically to have the Encapsulation by Denny.

The Iced Manicure – $51,000

Cherish Angula was created the Iced Manicure that covered the tips of the nails in 10 carats of white diamonds.
This nail polish is gorgeous on the nails and they end up looking like diamonds.

Model’s Own Gold Rush Couture Polish – $130,000

The polish itself was made of real 24-karat gold leaf with a yellow gold and covered in diamonds.

Azature’s Black Diamond Nail Polish – $250,000

Jeweler and beauty brand Azature created Black Diamond Polish in 2012, a glittery lacquer that, surprisingly, doesn’t come in a fancy, gemstone-studded bottle.
Celebrities are fans of the mani, and stars ranging from Kelly Osborne to Jennifer Lopez have rocked it.

Azature White Diamond Polish – $1 Million

This $1 million bottle of lacquer was made with 98 carats of crushed diamonds and covered in 1,400 hand-picked diamonds.
Unfortunately, the polish is no longer available as it was a one-off made specially to raise money for charity, with
proceeds going to Lupus LA. Toni Braxton, a supporter of the charity due to her own battle against the disease, wore the polish during a performance to help promote the cause.